I am Kristy and I am from Springfield, MO. I am a 12 year old inside of a 27 year old's body. I like cartoons and 90s anime. I draw TEC: The Echo Chronicles over at http://www.teccomic.com.


The moral of this story is this is not a moose.

The moral of this story is this is not a moose.

The End of TEC: The Echo Chronicles Book One!


Here it is you all - the final page of the first book of TEC: The Echo Chronicles. Click here for the comic

Spoilers abound if you haven’t caught up, hence the standard link instead of having a teaser image.

If you aren’t caught up with the comic, feel free to visit…



people who hate valentines day have clearly never taken advantage of pre-valentines day lingerie sales

Or post-Valentines day chocolate sales. :D

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it’s starting for Spring 2014!


We’ve got our dates, we’ve got our Dj’s… we’ve got the location and you can buy discounted tickets! Guests and schedule coming soon! Take a look: http://www.arkansasanimefestival.com!

So who all is going to A2F?! :D




have you heard about the first annual AnimeCon Central?


It’s the first anime/sci-fi/gaming con in Central AR! Pre-reg is already open and if you register before march 31st, it’s only 25$~ I’m planning to be there, and my nametag will…